How to open your Wordlocal Store

Opening your Wordlocal store is a simple 4 step process that takes less than 15minutes.

To get started just follow the directions below:

  • STEP 1: MERCHANT APPLICATION –> Fill out the merchant application with your store name and store administrators personal information.Once you submit your application are account reps will review your business and approve your application. Once your account is approved you can start adding products that will be instantly available. CLICK HERE TO OPEN YOUR STORE
  • Step 2: CREATE A PRODUCT —> To create a product enter a product name, write a short product description, upload a photo and set a price. Now just select the category you want the product to be listed under and publish the product to your store. We recommend that you start each product with your business name. Store admins can choose to receive sales notifications from Wordlocal every time they sell a product from their store.
  • Step 3: CREATE A CLAIM CODE –> Before a merchant can claim any gifts they must define a claim code for their location.If you business has more than one location you will need to save each location on your Store Settings page.When a customer pays for a gift with a pre paid voucher just enter your claim code in the input field on the digital voucher and click claim.
  • STEP 4: CONNECT YOUR STRIPE MERCHANT ACCOUNT –> To receive your 90% commission instantly merchants must enable the Strip Merchant Account feature. To get started just visit the Stripe Settings page in the dashboard of your online store. If you already have a Stripe account for your business just authorize the connection between Stripe and Wordlocal and your payments will be sent directly to YOUR Stripe account. You can then withdraw your money directly into your business bank account. If you do not have an account with Stripe you will need to create one by completing our integrated online form. You must have a Federal EIN number and bank account and routing numbers before you can accept payments with Stripe.
Once you have complete these four steps you will be actively selling your products on Wordlocal. Share your posts with our built in social media feature and start seeing your sales grow.

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